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Beijing house price comes 3 years head depreciate case appears become loose

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October of Beijing of China News Service 22 days of report (reporter Yu Lixiao) before this year 3 quarters, beijing house price rises compared to the same period 11.6% , go up increase 1.5 percent compared to the same period, and valence annulus compares the room to drop however, for 2 5 years 00 since drop first. Official of Beijing statistic bureau shows 22 days, this shows Beijing estate value begins to appear become loose.

Occupy newest statistic number to show, this year September, beijing house sale price is compared on year rise with the month 6.9% , go up than going up lunar fall after a rise two percent. House price annulus drops than appearing, house sale price than going up the month drops 0.2% , drop first to come 3 years.

Spokesman of news of Beijing statistic bureau, deputy director general says frankly at beautiful musical instrument, since this year, of Beijing estate value rise extent occurrence fall after a rise, drop what the house price annulus of Beijing will come than appearing 3 years September first especially. She thinks, short-term inside the downtrend of Beijing house price won't be changed, the adjustment of real-estate industry still is done not have after all.

Yu Xiuqin expresses, before 3 quarters, the adjustment of Beijing real-estate industry still did not end, from real-estate industry for long-term benign development trend, the structural adjustment of estate interior is must, rational, adjust won't bring too big impact to Beijing economy progress.

According to introducing, the Beijing investment on estate is relatively abate also this year. Occupy statistical number to show, before 3 quarters, beijing finishs estate development to invest one hundred and thirteen billion six hundred and ninety million yuan, than going up year of the corresponding period dropped 8.1% . And the residence invests 53.18 billion yuan, dropped 15.7% .