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Estate company manages predicament hopeful to alleviate

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The expert points out, new politics not be the price that help a house, the purpose is development of stimulative economy health

Total bureau of Wu of tax of Ministry of finance of report from our correspondent, state announced policy of total profit good estate yesterday. Experts express, policy comes on stage alleviate on will certain level the predicament of current estate company, but the cold winter of real estate absolutely won't at this point far go. Experts point out at the same time, helping city this is not the price that help a house, policy target basically is to promote Chinese economy health to develop.

"Be in a dilemma " the policy that help city

According to network investigation, the gets the person that visit to object a country publishing deliverance estate market policy of at least 80% above, because drop,the person of house price majority after still bears hard. Bank of China of university of central finance and economics (3.04, - 0.07, - 2.25% , ) Guo Tianyong of research center director represents industry, chinese real estate is current the biggest contradiction still is house price opposite dweller is actual the difference between purchasing power.

Chief economist Gao Shanwen points out the negotiable securities that bring a letter, the deepness problem of Chinese estate market originates the price bubble that accumulated last year is undone. The price bubble of estate market is OK of course and resigned its emerge of itself and perish of itself, drive industry conformity to also be in from this ought to.

But he expresses at the same time, erupting below the circumstance of global banking crisis, the policy that enlarges Chinese home demand has active sense to stabilizing global economy; It is besides infrastructure investment, want to enlarge consumptive demand of China truly, the consideration is started and must liven estate market of China.

Economist Zhao dawn expresses, in the center of before paragraph time puts forward " 3 protect " policy, of this policy coming on stage basically is to maintain economic development. Economy encounters current China glide risk, exit and consumptive aftereffect are insufficient, estate market still occupies the one much of Chinese economy, stabilize estate market so, it is stable China economy.

Demand increases short-term or hard

As we have learned, what active contract duty executes is 3% to the extent scale tax rate of 5% , if the place building accords with average house standard, agree duty but halve is collected, namely 1.5% , each city but according to different situation, drift 20% . At present the whole nation implements the tax rate of 1.5% more. The stamp duty of the pay when buying a house is contract stamp duty, hand in by buyers and sellers, tax rate is each 0.05% .

This shows, adjust according to new tax rate will bring the privilege of 0.55% to consumer, if with one ring room the sale price of 1 million is calculated, consumer the privilege that can win 5500 yuan, the house price that compares tall look forward to, these two tax rate are adjusted do not have enough appeal.