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Wang Jing Ye foreign office Offices rental of existing buildings

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Ye Building, relying on North Fifth Ring Road, from Laiguangying, Wang Jing Science Park export less than 300 meters, can be very conveniently connected six-ring, Ring, Ring, Ring and other cities and transportation routes, and Chengde expressway Airport Expressway. Transportation advantages. Shung Ye Qing Mansion is located in the intersection of North Avenue and Wangjing Road, adjacent to the Capital International Airport, Asian Games Village, west district and Zhongguancun Lido shopping, business facilities, living facilities. Wangjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, has been included in scope of Zhongguancun West District, Xiamen enterprises into the state enterprises enjoy preferential tax policies. Famous companies around the region gathered to become the world's 500 attention that a golden land. Yeh Yip Building is a self-development and management of the Group and to meet the needs of the modern electronics industry R & D office building groups. By the A, B, C, D four buildings, with a total area of 5 square meters. Building automation system to meet the (BA), security systems (SA), communication automation system (CA), office automation system (OA), automatic fire alarm and fire control system (FA), etc. Class 5A high standards. Currently the project is the last remaining area of two square meters of offices a 65 and 210 rental. Rent is 4.5 RMB / square meter / day (including property costs), the floor of the building now offers mobile parking spaces, 250 yuan / month / person.