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Suzhou commercial project opened in December and more urgent public office at

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SouFun data monitoring center, according to Statistics: December, Suzhou will have 11 new commercial projects pure opening, is expected to more than 2,000 suites focus on market before the end of the source, including sets of about 1178 apartments, office buildings near 600 sets, 400 sets of shops around. Suzhou City in December opened commercial projects located in four districts, urban 4-phase, high-tech zones 3, Wuzhong District 2, one each in parks and Pingjiang. November is expected to open in commercial projects, including five office items Head, 4 apartments and 2 retail projects projects. Centralized office opened at the end of the project, there will be a small heavy volume of concentrated market, or change the October decline since the market dried up. Apartments project continued strong Attack, thousands of sets of mass market, Mu enough strength to "hot trend" in the end. Manpower end retail projects only commercial plaza and plaza will be opened Manley decoration, but the sales outlook is very promising by the industry and investors , Suzhou in the second half of the shops to open a fire is always a project, opening the sold out no longer is a myth. After the purchase is made, Suzhou commercial real estate more and more attention, in December more than 2,000 new housing units in the market for commercial real estate in Suzhou inject new vitality to the end of 2011, Suzhou commercial project will produce a good answer.