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Qualified Health office the lowest rate of air-conditioning system

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Air conditioning and ventilation buildings of Shanghai, and health management systems range from public places be extended to public buildings, office buildings, medical facilities, schools, health management is central air conditioning will be included in the statutory range. This is a Post reporter yesterday at the "buildings of Shanghai air conditioning system health management approach (draft)" 【"Measures (Draft)" was informed】 legislative hearing. Hearing on behalf of the municipal health bureau, deputy director Zhou Yanqin Health Authority said in 2010, 18 districts and counties of the city's office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, central air conditioning ventilation system checks showed that the lowest pass rate for office buildings in less than 70 %. Currently, the detection does not meet the health standards of only 1,000 yuan fine public buildings, and clean central air conditioning ventilation systems have to spend several hundred thousand dollars, a fine effort indeed too light. "(Draft)" At the same time for public comment, the public and written comments relevant units can be directly sent to: 200 People Avenue, Legislative Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Social Laws and Regulations Department, Postal Code: 200003; also can send mail to: fzbshc @ shanghai.gov.cn. The deadline for comments 28 December 2010.