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Intermediate measures couplet travel: Asia-Pacific enterprise pays close attenti

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New investigation data shows, with the world the industry posture of other area is compared, the company of Asia-Pacific area is right obtain but the cost respect of durative estate more deal with concrete matters relating to work. Asia-Pacific area has the enterprise of 12% to express, if can satisfy its but the demand of durative estate, be willing to pay the premium of more than 10% , and this one scale reachs African area to be only in North America area and Europe, middle east 3% . In addition, in the business that accepts investigation in Asia-Pacific area, the company that has 47% expresses, suffer energy cost to increase the pressure that causes greatly, the problem with can develop to had become a company very serious continuously.

It is reported, this investigation is by intermediate the travel that measure couplet and association of handler of global company estate were aimed at the whole world 2007 the tenement of estate of many 400 company of 4 continent undertakes jointly. Findings shows, be in Asian area, those who be as high as 69% suffer the person that visit to express, can developing continuously is them at present and key of the near future inside year pays close attention to prospective 1-2 item. And this one word inside global limits is 73% , although still be given priority to with the developing country at present,make clear Asian area, but in the respect of first consideration item to estate, compare assuming also quality with developed country photograph.

Those who deserve attention is, although market presence is right but the demand of durative estate, the company also is willing to pay taller fee for this, but the whole world is in of this respect supply uneven still however, certain zone still is blank even. Findings makes clear, in Asia-Pacific area only of 13% suffer the person that visit to think but durative estate supplies in order, the accepts the person that visit to think at present the market is supplied condition of 49% is finite. The personage inside course of study thinks, because Asian area is new development project is morer than other area, the requirement that although cannot satisfy an industry completely at present,can run continuously accordingly, but still contain is worn tremendous potential business chance.