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Intermediate measures couplet travel: Vinegar of diameter blade sends タ to ove

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Intermediate quantity couplet releases yesterday all right report of market of estate of the 3rd season expressed 2008, global finance seismic sea wave and expectant economy glide have not cause direct and negative effect to Guangzhou estate market, in the meantime, foreign capital enters the pace of this locality to accelerate, the investment appeal that reflects a Guangzhou commerce property is increasing.

According to report content, up to now, the industry that gets financial seismic sea wave to affect basically is centered in industry of be in harmony of capital of substandard of investment bank, negotiable securities, the portfolio that they develop in Guangzhou is finite, the demand power of this locality office building is accordingly changeless. Guangzhou of the 3rd quarter has only this year in consign of office building of a first class uses petrifaction large building, because of,this makes 2007 supply leap and the office building supply and demand that create is lopsided the state gets certain level alleviates.

Data shows, rate of whole town empty buy reduces office building of the 3rd quarter to 20.9% , with on quarterly annulus is become than decreasing. Rate of each area empty buy all appears the fall of different level. Meanwhile, the fall that empty buy leads is preliminary also and slow the pressure that average rent of 3 quarters whole town dropped continuously in the past, the annulus of 0.2% appears to compare amplitude first since this year.

Guangzhou of travel of intermediate quantity couplet and department of Shenzhen market research are in charge of Li Chang to point out, shopkeeper of near future foreign country reachs its periphery in Guangzhou area investment is brisk, show they are mixed to Guangzhou bead the retail market of trigonometry district future is confident. If France is retail,plan of tycoon ROSM company is in Fosan investment of 3 water district builds his to be in big China area project of store of discount of first world famous brand. Additional, near future of domestic happy blessing with excessive price 5.111 million yuan, 40 million yuan price took over aggregate RMB Guangzhou home vast supermarket 25% share.