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World nation: The residence clinchs a deal the capacity appears get warm again a

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Be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei is published new report of round of market, indication residence clinchs a deal the capacity appears new low, investor begins to examine the value of property afresh, get warm again after a cold spell of supply and demand of market of commercial office building.

   Brand of a gleam of to commercial property demand still exuberant

Gucci plans proceed in the set up shop of Beijing, had signed agreement storefront besides market of new smooth scope of operation, banking outside shopping centers, still include to plan to be in the Jin Baohui of practice and silver-colored peaceful are carefree 2008 general merchandise. Additionally Burberry and Emporio Armani also had signed treasure agreement gold to collect. Draw near with each passing day as the practice of these high-grade shopping centers, the job that enrol business already also entered end, and after planning to be met in ************ the job enrolling business of the high-grade shopping centers of practice has not spread out. Because of this dress brand to line of international just a little character, at present the autograph makes an appointment with speed to put delay somewhat.  

   The residential market that rent turns warm

Feburary, beijing high-grade residence rents the market to begin to anabiosis. ************ element was 2008 the dominant element of the Beijing market that rent, almost all project is in on tone hire quote, adjustment range is in 5% and 15% between. This kind adjusts a basis to the character of the project and market admit and differ, and as the drawing near August, the extent of the attune on hire is being increased. Additional, be located in east the Beijing of center of international of 4 annulus ocean brightness apartment of Cheng Tingguo border is already formal practice, offer 228 boarding house for the market, door model include one house, 2 house and three-room flat, area from 55 differ to 224 square metre, for high end the client that rent offerred new alternative.

   The residence clinchs a deal the capacity appears new low

Feburary, of Beijing house market clinch a deal what the volume fell two years to come is new low, this is the element as a result of two respects, it is the reason of Spring Festival holiday on one hand, it is the bank credit that from 2007 the bottom begins on the other hand constrictive, room of the 2nd illegally buy up head the policy that pays scale and loan interest rate, the inhibition that arises to market demand is magnifying. Bank credit is constrictive the sale that causes development business answers a paragraph to put delay, be issued by low-key circumstance in demand, the part develops business to take the step of all sorts of sales promotion sale, return approach fund as soon as possible. Beijing house price is already stable, but the trend that did not appear to drop considerably.

   Potential demand is accumulating office market