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Findings report of Yunnan Kunming office building

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2006 pluvial embellish is like oily summer in hot and dry season, building city is in wait-and-see with the inflection point that soare when, the building city investor that is in Wen Shui to boil frog condition people deliver the view to what the individual invests is new " golden mine " -- office building, even somebody predicts office building investment will lift new individual to invest upsurge. Taking this issue, I visited the office building bazaar of this locality.
One, the office building market that experiences labor pains
Market of this locality office building in experience world rich was met 1999 around is blind mount a horse and write the supply gross that creates word building serious and superfluous, kunming municipal government came on stage technically 1999 " examine and approve no longer about be in the urban district, the decision that agrees to build a high level to build a project " . This stops what new to office building project examines and approve " decision " , and the country is in relevant policy (regulation of policy of the cost that be like duty, the office building that builds before June 30, 1998, came on January 1, 2001 sell during December 31, 2002, avoid the agree tax that imposes 3 % ) the policy that go up is strong adjust below, what be as long as 7 years in experience is endless anguish is digested period hind, market of Kunming office building expends the price to go low continuously from hire, price and content canal, anabiosis gradually in the fatigued and weak condition that is as high as rate of 60 % empty buy and warm up.
In visitting we around move downtown these high buildings and large mansions, office building held 80% larger share. And what the office building that these at 90 time building designs a level as a result of development is uneven, office building is existing the confine on product quality, function and utility. The character of office building is crucial, like the design of convenience degree of traffic, parking lot whether reasonable, property is built the grade that establishs quality of face, construction, old hall and decorate, composition of elevator quality and configuration state, structure is ventilated good etc. And the office building that in visitting, we discover a lot of traditions designs admiral resident hallway to be set in entirely in building interior, the area is narrow and constraint, it is a corridor merely. Traditional office building was used it is a center with core bucket to all around the means that breaks up front, of onefold front door model and the passageway of stream of people of onefold concentration, formed dark footpath consequently, have the characteristic of the certain effect that heat up an island.
Measures of these traditional office building elevator are little, in light of the elevator measure that provides from office building, elevator amount has 3 to reach occupy below 50% , have 4 occupy 30% , those who have 5 above occupy 20% . Bay the problem with small, stability difference, slow rate. The edifice lacks some establishment of corresponding form a complete set, edifice underground parking lots to have only, edifice parking space is little. Mirror instead from this when a few office building are being designed, or by force of capital pressure, or for managing make cost, or equally shared to decrease area, overwhelm elevator amount least, the price falls lowest, caused so bother and use the inconvenience that go up of property management in the future.