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House price suspense: Whether does price of house of Guangzhou, Shenzhen drop re

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4 quarters whole nation 70 big in urban house sale price goes up compared to the same period 10.2%

At the beginning of 2008, a findings report that comes from research organization of system of Chinese estate index says, 2007 finally in 4 weeks, price of house of Beijing of a week dropped 10.09% , the 2nd week dropped 0.75% , the 3rd week rose 12.88% , all around dropped 20.25% . That is to say, beijing house price is in 2007 finally all around in only a week is rising, other 3 weeks appeared of different level drop.

Same share report still says, to China according to system of Chinese estate index the research of 10 big cities is analysed, shenzhen and Guangzhou are the earliest two cities that occurrence house price drops, begin from October 2007, the house price of two ground of Shenzhen and Guangzhou begins to drop, last to December all the time.

These 3 cities, come in nearly two years, just price of row China house rises the ferallest city. After Chinese estate market is built, rise in price the most intense, arrived to draw full stop when? Does house price drop?  

After the message that drops about price of house of Shenzhen, Guangzhou comes out, the market is not accept completely, instead drew the sound of a doubt to statistical number.

Everybody does not buy call of before one phase inside 3 years the Wang Shi of president of 10 thousand divisions of the room stood at this moment, the word says very flatly: "Occurrence inflection point of Shenzhen, Guangzhou is baldicoot head those who go up is pedicular, still use an argument? Still use an argument??

Actually, whether does concerned house price appear become loose, do not need to develop business to make known one's position, the market had made best reply.

October 2007, shenzhen city bridal chamber sells an area to have the in part September only. Oriental flourishing age July 2007, 2 period opening price is every square metre 14000 multivariate, arrived December 3 period when open quotation, every square metre had dropped 2000 yuan or so.

By 2007, a near Beijing ************ village high-grade project, came out every square metre makes work only 17000 yuan message. It is before 3 two months, this building dish unit price still is in 20 thousand yuan of above. Be located in horse of division of Beijing announce military to connect 10 rub residence of Er hotel type all valence is every square metre 12000 yuan, lump-sum payment 8.82 fold, mortgage 9.31 fold, according to saying, 8.82 folding also is at present city place has dozen of lowest discount that folds Lou Panzhong to give out.

Be in Beijing, the person that buy a house already very long the treatment that had not enjoyed discount price. The general manager of firm of an estate ad tells our newspaper the reporter, two years ago, the friend buys a house, hold him in the palm to look for development business to get ready fold, can do basically get. And come nearly two years, "The family can give an outer part, let you buy a house, perhaps buy floor, front pretty good house is pretty good. Perhaps buy floor, front pretty good house is pretty good..