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Do not buy new city not to buy skill house

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Concept forefathers one pace, defeat sb by a surprise action, the experience that this is investment of success of season gentleman house property talks.

Regard local born and bred Shanghai as the person, the house property of season gentleman invests a way from traditional and high-grade a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the husband room of the area begins. 1999, season gentleman spent 160 thousand yuan, in sea route of the Huaihe River, assist Yang Lu bought the husband house of a 32.58 square metre, decorate used 30 thousand yuan, finally with 2300 yuan / lunar price is rental, after 3 months, cast with 260 thousand yuan price namely piece.

Invest for the first time, his income is close to 100 thousand yuan.

Just began, the circulating fund of season gentleman is not much, can buy the small family of on the low side of a few total prices house only, and choose the room source with central rental and steady the city zone only, in order to take shelter from the wind danger. Investment house property, most those who make season gentleman afraid is a house rental in doing not have expect successful, cause house property keep long in stock, capital calls in hard, because this chooses a sector of an area,make crucial point.

Investment is old, season gentleman all the time of take delight in talking about still is to was in Shanghai 2002 traditional a person of extraordinary powers curtilage area -- , a house that the Hunan road, road that allow a country buys, the new boarding house of downtown of this old brand in those days price is 12000 yuan / square metre, season gentleman uses 1.35 million yuan of average, the with 1.7 million yuan price pass on after a few months sells piece.

Season gentleman says, investment early days, be in the development state of affairs of area and program foreground to each property, want one by one meticulous understanding. The principle of season gentleman is, do not buy skill house, never also choose the new city project near outer shroud line. Get policy as a result of the house property of burgeoning area on one hand the impact is very big, some places are this year fervent, next year is probable cold came down, normally the circumstance falls to have old the city zone only, just can endure time examine; It is form a complete set of new developed area is not perfected on the other hand, live firmly hard market price case. In addition, the investment result of season gentleman is, expectation value is not exorbitant, should have certain gain space only with respect to get off one's hands.

The country is macroscopical in March 2005 after adjusting control, season gentleman feels pure to average sells go out to already did not have too large profit space. Then haul, make relet " sublessor " . Along orbit traffic line, a year of much time, season gentleman already leased more than 10 buildings nowadays.

Choosing house side, less than of line of the link in season gentleman first selection, the room source with orbit convenient traffic; 2 choose relatively bridal chamber, landlord is unused, the room source that won't live nearly 9 years. For example a room that season gentleman runs in general Tuo somewhere, stand by the subway 3, 4 lines, with every months 3000 yuan of right-and-left prices are hired below, the with white-collar apartment standard after decorating rents between cent, a month can get 5000 yuan of right-and-left rent. So come down one year, the accrual of 10 houses will achieve 300 thousand yuan or so.