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Gold of a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge picks accurate inv

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Will tell with respect to the individual how to spend a body to make an investment plan surely for oneself, generalize simply for the following:

1. reckons his capital throws actual strength.

2. invests strategy certainly, the choice is long term short still line.

3. estimates the potential that invests area and national house property correctly.

4. is striven for buy the price bestly.

5. refers domestic revenue proof, the individual line of credit of bank assess.

6. seeks professional opinion of the lawyer.

7. keeps in touch for a long time with company of professional sale agent, so that obtain newest market information.

When country of your make choice of, when making good investment plan, investor should notice the following when choice of property of specific some:

1. is the most important is choice nice a sector of an area.

2. considers to develop the actual strength of business, ensure building quality thereby; General development business offers construction of 5 years of buildings to ensure period.

The degree of form a complete set of 3. project, include broadband network, environmental protection, shop, meeting place, traffic.

The supply of congener house property reachs 4. market demand.

Setting of 5. community culture.

6. period house still shows a house, period room plans to meet building time.

7. property manages the brand of the company to wait.

Pass above analysis, investor discovers household lives oneself not hard model, this locality management house property does not suit overseas investment, rank because of the project abroad, all buying, rental, resale, loan pass sale agent company and lawyer assistance to finish entirely. Be aimed at this one characteristic, beautiful inferior buy trade group provides all-around service to give a client, will extend the form that meeting and specification of investment of abroad house property meet with international room regularly, recommend the abroad project that its act as agent to everybody. By August, proprietor of You Meiya place does " house property of bay button international is exhibited " will hold in Shenzhen, at the appointed time will lawyer, immigrant studies abroad spot of adviser of advisory, international buy estate seeks advice, welcome each personage with intended buy overseas line of business to make an appointment ahead of schedule.