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Inland invests abroad house property first machine

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Abroad house property invests a guideline (1)

Inland invests abroad house property first machine

Investment public figure is clear " cannot put the egg in a basket " truth, know to must invest dispersedly. Range of stock market wave motion is big, bank deposit accrual and bond interest too low, and investment of abroad house property is in both between, not only dovish safety, have ideal get one's own back more. In order to invest New Zealand Oakland brand-new and villatic for exemple, 150 square metre decorate house price to be money of 300 thousand yuan of button about completely, amount to RMB is controlled 1.5 million yuan, average rent amounts to 7 % , add annual house price appreciates 8~10 % , annual total redound can amount to 16~18 % . New Zealand is major house property counterpoises for permanent job, but run in the family, but free buying and selling, without value added tax.

Appreciate from house property in light of cycle, market of New Zealand estate begins to pick up at the beginning of 2002, in the past in two years rise on average amount to 10~12 % , reckon 5 years house price can maintain future to rise strong. From code angle considers, new Zealand buys room formalities very normative. The 10~15 % that the simply that buy the home pays a room price serves as head pay, according to legal provision, this charge must be put in lawyer travel bank in fiducial account, still but collection the accrual of 4.5 % . Extend by the government sector property right card (Certificate Of Title) , quality certificate of approval (Code Of Compliance) two card formalities gives owner, money of ability general house and tail section along with all the others consign expands business.

Invest the personage of abroad house property, what care most is management and rental problem. Beautiful inferior buy trade group reachs old service experience by right of round-the-world sale system, can offer sale, loan, resale, rental, close hire wait for a series of services. New Zealand hires Wu code perfect, major thing is in charge of a company to all also look after the service that rent. Owner receives sheet of form of administrative company month every months, state hire income to reach concerned charge, the 7.5 % that hire Wu to serve cost to be hire only commonly just, owner receives the hire income that administrative company generation receives every months from the bank.

Beautiful inferior buy trade group already had 17 years to invest experience of abroad house property in the Asia, majority client all is for many times buy. The company can introduce client investment to buy item of ideal house property in optimal opportunity, the hope can give home vast investment client this experience introduction, share investment fruit with everybody. We will be divided 20 period the introduction buys the professional knowledge related abroad house property and skill.