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The subregion in DHL extend Hong Kong

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Person the express that precedes from the whole world and content shed company DHL know: It opens up endowment 1 . 100 million dollar has been finished to extend of center of hub of the subregion in Hong Kong, become center of first large-scale automation express hub.
This hub center is located in Hong Kong International Airport, the area after extend increases to 3 Yan 50 thousand square metre, be equivalent to the area of 120 tennis court, predict to be able to handle 40 million piece goods this year. It is reported, DHL invests before this 2. 100 million dollar builds this hub center.
Heart of presiding apparitor Tang Rui represents district of DHL express Asia-Pacific: "Asia-Pacific will return the significant point of growth that will be DHL business henceforth. This year first half of the year, we are in Asian business relatively the corresponding period grew 13 % last year. As the constant growth of the commerce inside area, predicting goods treating capacity will rise continuously. Predicting goods treating capacity will rise continuously..
It is reported, after extend of this hub center, can handle 7 Yan hourly 50 thousand files and goods, relatively before extend horary 50 thousand treating capacity increases 3 Yan 114 % . And run through automation, the time that handles goods falls further by 12 minutes to 7 minutes.
Meanwhile, DHL removes the postal code number that will serve DHL noonday specially appointed in Asia-Pacific each district to increase 25 % from this month, for Asia-Pacific area of 20 thousand many postal code is offerred in the ante meridiem in next weekday " the door arrives the door " express serves.
Project of extend of this hub center relatively 2013 decide date of completion to be finished ahead of schedule formerly. Carry according to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region reach building bureau director Ms. Zheng Ruhua to announce, plan of harbor government office realizes Hong Kong International Airport to 2015 horary rise and fall the target of 68 sortie. And the goal that achieves 58 sortie first next year. The north that makes investment ahead of schedule inferior hub center and in subregion hub center supplements each other. It is reported, the north that is located in Pudong inferior hub center will 2010 completion, promote operation efficiency further, goods of have a change of luck highest treating capacity is amounted to lap 20 thousand times hourly and 20 thousand file.
Xukewei of president of area of DHL express big China expresses: "In subregion hub center probably the express meeting carry of the half reachs Taiwan toward China, Japan, Korea. And the north with a perfect equipment inferior hub center, can improve operation efficiency, let DHL be able to maintain growth pace. "