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Samite blessing city

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〖 information introduces 〗

Lease carry out telephone: 0591-87575388
Property address:
Advance brings Hua Lin way 338

What belong to trade group: Advance brings a district
Develop business: Fuzhou blessing develops limited company into real estate
Property type: Office building
Property level:

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Type: Office building
The city zone: Jin An
The position: Advance brings Hua Lin way 338
Develop business: Fuzhou blessing develops limited company into real estate
All valence: 4300 yuan / smooth rice
Sell a hot line: 0591-87575388/87575288
Traffic situation: Downtown is flourishing a sector of an area, extend in all directions, traffic extreme
Decorate a state: Semifinished product
Floor area: 90000 square metre
Volume ratio: 2.25
Open quotation time: 2004-5-1
Fuzhou head home is indoor club of hot spring of home of the biggest illicit and top class business affairs are met; Hua Lin road parking space of underground of 8000 square metre; Fuzhou high level is exclusive big the standard width of a room in an old-style house cuts a design without bridge casing; The high level exceeds low equally shared, every cover many 5-10 square metre; The wall outside lacquer of carbon of fluorine of first luxurious air. Hero is apart from center of administration of Fujian of Hua Lin road, near neighbour of daily of Agriculture Bank of seat of government of provincial Party committee, province, province, Fujian; The circumjacent form a complete set such as great theater of library of park of national beautiful home appliance, Yong Huichao city, hot spring, sports center, province, Fuzhou.