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Flower benefit edifice

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〖 information introduces 〗

Lease carry out telephone: 0591-83393218
Property address:
Day banyan property runs limited company

Offer the price: The face is discussed
What belong to trade group: Drum-tower area
Property company: Day banyan property runs limited company
Develop business: Limited company of day banyan estate
Property type: Office building
Property level: First class

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Project address: Home products on the west road
Afforest rate: 30% above
Traffic situation: 8, 812, 809, 67, 62
Design an unit: Times designing institute
Construction company: Long Le Jiangtian builds a company
Inspect manage unit: Build project head office
Expand business: Limited company of day banyan estate
Property management: Day banyan property runs limited company
Hot line of carry out building: (0591) 83393218; 83369609

Brief introduction:
Flower benefit edifice occupies the gold a sector of an area of Fuzhou first, the commanding elevation that stage river trade encircles. Road and 51 home products of the road hand in collect place, 51 square and stage river a gleam of of large terminal market is pulled, both sides has long-distance station, square of civil aviaton center, merchants of reflective banyan city contend for center of the trade that grab, banking.
The flower benefit edifice of elaborate carve, use Europe classic 3 paragraphs of type and modern building language not the world constructs colour philosophy in all. Wave showcase of type windowsill, wide balcony and glass of ground of utterly routed of 300 square metre, scale is yellow, white, green beautiful beautiful exterior. The ground green of 1000 much square metre jockeys square and the building poppyhead garden of about 500 square metre, explain new concept of life of 2 soldiers century.
The edifice fills city big market for millennium to 4, 5 live to 15 business amphibious residence, match abstruse this elevator, first floor 4, exceed convention 2.9 meters of layers are tall, type windowsill waves outside, program layout is reasonable and bright, hall and balcony use connection of door of vitreous be born, the building that face a market stands high above the masses, reveal owner exalted identity.

Build material and facility:
Structure: Frame of Tong of reinforcing steel bar cuts force wall structure, interior space is used agile, utilization rate is high, saskatoon is aseismatic fortify, the building bearings, fight pressure, the root of fangfeng is fireproof wait for construction index to accord with country and local occupation standard