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The sea casts business affairs edifice

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〖 information introduces 〗

Lease carry out telephone: 0592-6898888, 6896666
Property address:
Area of core of center of administration of dark blue of sea of area of dark blue of Xiamen city sea

Floor area: 107177 ㎡
What belong to trade group: Xiamen city
Develop business: Xiamen sea joins estate limited company
Property type: Office building
Property level: First class

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〗 of 〖 edifice picture

〗 of establishment of 〖 form a complete set

〗 of 〖 project brief introduction

The project casts edifice and center of business affairs of sea dark blue by the sea two each other build composition for the high level of the mirror, the building is nearly 100 meters tall, have 5 group of buildings and two basement. Regard Hai Cang as axes of area administration center receive Guan Zhi to make, the edifice carries mountain range lake on the back to watch the sea, landscape resource is admirable. The system of 6 crystallization state that builds body design to be jackknife, utmost offers view scene range. Integral modelling is contracted, meticulous, elegant, extremely rich air and simple sense.

Pertinent information:

Link line position: ?
Property current situation: Impossible?
Inside and outside sells: Pi?
Cover an area of an area: 20666 square metre
Total floor area: 107177 square metre
Develop business: Does M of younger sister lotus root fight  of Xing Xun of  of health die young?