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Golden source big square

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〖 information introduces 〗

Lease carry out telephone: 0591-83331912
Property address:
Wide amount to a road 68 (China on big public house)

Offer the price: The face is discussed
What belong to trade group: Drum-tower area
Property company: Golden source property runs finite cent department
Develop business: Limited company of estate of Fuzhou gold source
Property type: Office building
Property level: First class

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〗 of 〖 project brief introduction
Project address: Wide amount to a road 68 (China on big public house)
Total floor area: 70000 square metre
Afforest rate: 30% above
Design an unit: Spin a designing institute gently
Construction company: The 3rd building of town company
Expand business: Limited company of estate of Fuzhou gold source
Property management: Golden source property runs finite cent department
Hot line of carry out building: (0591) 83331912

Project introduction
Golden source big square ranks the ala austral 51 square, join stage river and drum-tower the central artery of two big shopping centre, east market opening, south quoit of 3 big business circles river of door bag, stage
Surround, area of the commerce that is a center with 51 square, culture, travel, politics is Fuzhou more of modern culture indicative.

Build material and facility:
Structure: Use permanent ferroconcrete casing to cut a structure, 7 class are aseismatic expensive plan a kind of fortify, have the optimum behavior of aseismatic, fire prevention, compression
The exterior: Exterior modelling design is original, the wall uses wall of act of concealed casing glass and combination of photograph of defect casing window outside, whole is grandiose and forceful elegance is grand
Elevator: Of elevator of high speed of import nameplate automata 8, among them parking lot of 3 nonstop underground. Nameplate of bazaar setting import is automatic staircase the six ministries in feudal China, divisional bright   truly, fall on convenient
Common share: Plasterer of indoor building floor, metope, ceiling is decorated, cement mortar make level, allow to follow owner to undertake decorating according to different commerce characteristic.
Indoor decorate: Adornment of corridor of all fair applicable to both or all, footpath, toilet is one-time attend a meeting. The ground: Advanced wear-resisting brick.
Metope: Toilet is set for advanced tile stick; The passageway imports classy emulsioni paint for the United States; Ceiling is aluminium alloy mineral wool board condole supports.
Electric equipment: Aperture of obligate air conditioning