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Investment in high-quality tourist resort real estate projects in Chongqing til

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August 17, 2010, by the International Travel Association, Pacific Asia Travel Association, Tourism Research and Planning Center of Peking University, China Real Estate Information Group, China Travel Service Group, co-sponsored real estate "tourism-oriented land development: Theory? Policy? Case" International Forum in Beijing held a grand National Convention Center. Peking University Center for Tourism Research and Planning Director, Professor Wu Bihu attended the Forum and make a report. Report, he said: "2015 will be entered into a human leisure time, experts predicted that 80% of the workforce will be associated with the leisure and tourism industry, which will be the trend of tourism-oriented development, when the real estate development no longer a simple pattern of development, but rather a combination of real estate and tourism development model. " Finally, in the report, he noted: "China has entered the era of leisure travel." At present, China's per capita GDP reached 3,000 U.S. dollars, which is recognized by the world tourism stage of explosive growth in the tourism industry. Trips per capita per year of just 1 to achieve the objectives of the travel world's developed countries per capita were more than 7 times, so the growth potential of the tourism market. Chongqing tourism real estate is about the beginning of 2007, after two or three years, has been rapid development. The Fairy Hill, for example, before 2007, the mountains, but only some peasant music in the form of holiday homes, but with the fairy mountains more and more people for leisure, tourism is also growing demand for the property, increasingly The higher the Fairy Hill now has two dozen tourism real estate projects. Travel features and advantages of real estate, tourism and real estate is that he is the seamless grafting. Its customer base can be divided into two categories: First, like the leisure lifestyle, urban elite; the second is the pressure of inflation, in order to hedge against inflation buyers. Whether you are a travel and leisure, select a second home, or, investment purpose, need to find way of making money in real estate choose to purchase travel, you need to pay attention to the following two aspects: The first project environment. On tourism, real estate, the environment is the fundamental basis, whether congenital or acquired man-made landscape of natural landscape, the environment first, based on environmental planning and construction, is the key to the success of the project. Those in pursuit of property "big", "more", "full" at the expense of the natural environment or ignore the day after the tourism real estate projects to create the environment, even a house repair, no matter how, supporting the re-complete, convenient traffic again, not your home on the choice of investment. Second, the project planning. Environmental considerations in priority, the project location, size, surrounding facilities are complete, the traffic is convenient, landscape layout, the flow of such items as architectural style planning is the need to place your focus. After all, life is not just look at the scenery, sound scientific planning is a powerful comfort and convenience of your life assurance. The following is the combination of the two points above Xiaobian for you after the selection of the eight quality tourism real estate projects, hoping to help your choice.
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