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The line with commercial successful real estate

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Before ************ can be held, ever the viewpoint thinks, ************ business opportunity attracts more transnational corporation to come to Beijing to develop, accordingly, in will bringing about Beijing, high-grade apartment rents the market gradually get warm again after a cold spell. Many development business increased landed to commerce development, compare centralized extent in community of new open quotation especially. However, current fact proves, the contribution with can landed to Beijing commerce ************ is not large. Instead is ************ afterwards, the commercial busy season that Beijing greeted a tradition " Jin Jiuyin 10 " , of all kinds and retail business enters outspread climax, ten new market borrow ************ east wind to open business in succession, be in the majority with shopping centers project again among them.

Although serve as the child that gets used to market demand change, shopping centers is becoming the mainstream of project of new business real estate to manage mode increasingly, those who got owner, shopkeeper and consumer tripartite is collective approbate. But the to the limit of one's capacity of swift and violent demand inside short time, the capital business real estate that also requires structure for be more than to already appeared originally undoubtedly added more inaccuracy to decide an element. The personage inside course of study is analysed, all along of autumn sales promotion of Beijing as battlefield upland, military strategist in ancient China is contended for surely, this also is the reason that numerous businessman appears on thick and fast. And the restriction that accepts environment and consumptive habit, all along of condition of commercial line of business of Beijing is more onefold, lack new idea, if where the get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh on industry condition competition, be based on this locality demand can give attention to two or morethings conforms international tide, will be the key that wins out on this one market.

"One-stop " serve general quantity to cater to big demand

Actually, the mode of shopping centers is in in last few years favour is obtained repeatedly in commercial property development, do not do not have cause. Above all, below shopping centers mode, do not involve basically unified receive silver-colored, assistant management to groom wait for complex link, opposite to running deepness and range requirement not tall, be approbated by owner easily consequently and carry out. Next, wait with the department store open wide type to sell a photograph comparing, shopping centers can provide more larger area, independent store space for tenement normally, make be stationed in a businessman to be able to build atmosphere of its brand individual character better, stimulative figure value promotes. The most important is, rise as the abidance of income level and culture quality, the consumptive demand of people gradually forward complex formula, sensibility changes directional development, and shopping centers can come true continuously buy the series activity such as content, recreational, party, but " one-stop " the requirement that the ground satisfies people diversity, create cheerful shopping experience.