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Investment objective gets lost pure office building

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Make landlord, collect lodger rent by the month, it is many wishful thinking that invest residential personage. But as residential market low fan, landlord also is faced with accrual to drop, even the risk of be out of pocket.

Undeserved landlord is done " the original poster " , in economy low fan when, investment sex price compares tall office building. This is the proposal that the personage inside course of study gives. Does this proposal rely on chart? The reporter undertook investigating.

○ ● is inferior to doing when landlord " the original poster "

Average him investor calculated Zhengzhou pen Zhang: "The accrual of office building compares 3 times be the residence at least "

At that time if buy office building good! Two years are lain between when, zhengzhou citizen neat gentleman buys investment deed of the residence to oneself, feel regret.

Two years ago, zhengzhou citizen neat gentleman is facing a choice: It is to buy the house when landlord, still invest office building to become " the original poster " . Because inspecting Zhengzhou after the house property market of many area, he discovers, the office building price of Zhengzhou and residential price are similar, the big city such as this one phenomenon and Beijing, Shanghai is different.

After hesitating several days, in August 2006, neat gentleman bought the house of a of garden of international of bright and beautiful river 90 square metre, spent about 600 thousand yuan. At that time his idea is, garden of international of bright and beautiful river is located in prospective path, it is Zhengzhou of new old the city zone fall meeting point, those who accord with rich Chinese head Mr Li Jiacheng " a sector of an area, a sector of an area, still be a sector of an area " landed investment principle.

And do not do " the original poster " when landlord, neat gentleman also has his wishful thinking. "The price of Zhengzhou residence is rising every months at that time, office building seems to go up too slow, and in prospective path section, beg the person that hire very much also " .

But as residential market fatigued and weak, let neat gentleman feel the idea oneself are two years ago is wrong. He calculated pen Zhang. This two rooms that oneself buy one hall, can hire 1700 yuan or so every months, be equivalent to every square metre every months 20 yuan or so, deserve to go up to lodger even the things such as home appliance, bed. And if oneself invest the office building around at the outset, did not come to an edifice for example, the hire of every months of every square metre should achieve 60 yuan to go to 80 yuan. And, the renting contract of office building signs two years, still hire a firm, very save worry. But the residence signs a year at most commonly, hire an individual, want give a lot of care relatively some. "The accrual of office building compares 3 times be the residence at least. " on October 20, the office building that signs up for an organization today in east invests conduct financial transactions to be able to go up, neat gentleman tells a reporter.