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Shenzhen office building begins active

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Occupy world China to clinch a deal systematic data statistic, the market of Shenzhen office building that rent is active last week degree continues to pick up, rent clinch a deal the area continues to the limit of one's capacity, the area still maintains central area and center on the west bibcock position, two areas clinch a deal the 60 % that the area holds market share in all.

It is reported, because macroeconomic development situation is not Anacreontic,wait for a reason, the near future buying the home of market of building of two handwritten words still chooses to manage money wait-and-see, the market that rent clinchs a deal continue to grow on the foundation that estimates advanced week, clinch a deal area relatively rise last week two into the left and right sides, but hire level change is not big. According to Introduction Xiao Xiaoping, office building rents the market to be given priority to basically with for private use client, investment rent a settle or live in a strange place short-term and basic won't move, predict to did not come to a few weeks, the market will be progressively to the demand of office building property hasten is firm.

Office building rents the market last week in clinching a deal, the market share that the property place of 150 square metre of 100 ~ holds is the largest. Edifice of edifice of the center of Nuo heart banking of central area, China be in harmony, century of the Milky Way is to clinch a deal heat. Be located in a center the day of the area installs digital age edifice to get on the west biology science and technology kind, the favour of the industry company client such as electric subclass, clinch a deal the capacity also appears to rise apparently, clinch a deal all valence is month of square metre · of 100 yuan of / about.