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Saved city to already missed good opportunity

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Dispatch of sina house property on October 23, decision of Ministry of finance, since November 1, 2008, buy 90 square metre and the following and common housing first to the individual, of short duration of agree tax tax rate is unified reduce 1% ; Impose stamp tax to the individual is sold or buying housing of short duration to avoid; To the individual sale housing of short duration is avoided impose land value added tax. Local government can make those who urge housing consumption collect fees derate policy. Sina house property connects a line solely university of science and technology of noted economist, Beijing teachs Zhao Xiao.

Zhao Xiao thinks, saved city to had missed optimal opportunity, of real-estate industry " ill " had come like hill, save municipal plan to come on stage right now, its effect also can be like reel off raw silk from cocoons only show slowly.

Zhao Xiao feels, the government is due the movement helping city of greater strength, if reduce deposit reserve interest rate,come 10% in, slam the door is current the rhythm of half step don't go yet, of bold and resolute reduce loan interest rate.

The influence of municipal to be being saved this plan to house price, zhao Xiao says to be able to avoid to steep fall when anteroom price only, but won't cause house price to rebound absolutely. (Civil / Wang Caixia)