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Bubble of market of Beijing office building relatively area of residential littl

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International company did not retreat bubble to want relatively little -- ,

Advanced the report that before long high power international just issues shows, 2008 whole of the 3rd quarter, rate of empty place of market of first class office building keeps steady, for 13.57% , season drops little at 0.1 percent. Market of office building of integral first class is average hire rises to 39.79 dollars every months every square metre, annulus comparing rises 4.45% , rise compared to the same period 8.41% . Among them, financial block region child the market and ZhongGuanCun area child the market parts in this quarter annulus comparing rises 6.36% with 5.60% , mix to 42.82 dollars 32.16 dollars every months of every square metre.

Bubble of market of ● Beijing office building is less than the residence

According to Gao Li international is analysed, look into future, storm of wall street of even if United States is many righter financial domain of the country even economic system is influential, economic behoove of China maintains careful sex hopeful. The bank of investment of one share foreign capital, existing business that crosses state-owend enterprise course of study to be in China and outspread plan won't be affected greatly. Area of Swiss bank China invests Caihong of bank department chairman to make the same score a gentleman, also express when accepting TV to visit, not only won't the investment that cancel is in China, can quicken the pace that extends Chinese business instead, focusing one of strategies that its regard Switzerland as the bank in Chinese development. Additionally he also talks, the 500 dilate of world that build estate company compulsively to be in China still can continue. This is meant, the fluctuation related to these companies swims business relation catenary (include market of office building property) gets because of American banking crisis influence is very finite.

The president Yang Letao of orgnaization of ideal sunshine real estate (guest of Yang Letao rich, yang Letao news, yang Letao says) also express at the same time, because office building product is fought,drop capability is strong at the residence, the reason on consumption is gotten much, price theory tall part is not large, overmuch in that way without residential market bubble can be squeezed.

Office building of first class of ● center area faces opportunity

Analytic personage expresses, even if is moved toward in future of market of whole of Beijing office building more unidentified bright when, advantage of a few area the office building with high level of remarkable, property, the advantage platform that because its are powerful,often meets makes the first selection of client of domestic and international high end, hold a dominant position for long.

Be located in Chang'an Street and Xidan make the center of round-the-world money message that assembles group of trade of market of place, banking on the west (examine a map) project sale chief inspector expresses, hinterland of body part finance and economics, hind stylish center of outstanding round-the-world money message, what more understands for everybody is stem from a building to go up significantly mark sex and meet the liaison man that collected 4 subway link line, lines convenience sex, but meanwhile, they still pay close attention to architectural interior more. Edifice itself sets the form a complete set such as space of conference of hotel of 5 stars class, independent business affairs, reasonable demand of the job that the property management with differentiating office area perfect together with is able to satisfy office crowd adequately inside, life. Chief still alludes, the intelligence of international latest technology that this one project installs changes central air conditioning to be used at office building of domestic high end first, energy-saving in 30% above, reflect green, humanitarian concept adequately, contented country is energy-saving the requirement of the policy that decrease a platoon.