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Demand of Hong Kong office building drops

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Dai Deliang of DTZ of international property adviser published an analysis to point out a few days ago all right, credit crisis causes round-the-world market wave motion, financial industry tends in management respect careful, market of office building of first class of Hong Kong of as a result 2008 the expression of the 3rd quarter relatively go up to become silent first quarter, of main shopping centre induct a quantity little at going up first quarter. Afterwards 2003 after the 2nd quarter, on annulus, medium annulus / Jin Zhong and area of bay of gong of bay young / the 3rd quarter appears again this year negative number inducts a quantity, mirror this quarterly banking industry to drop to the demand of space of high grade office building, the demand that comes from blame banking industry appears important relatively.

Strategy of subregion of north of DTZ Dai Deliang travel develops advisory ministry to be in charge of Tao Ruhong to express: "Overseas money market behaves wave motion, to this harbor economy, the finance that belongs to brunt of this demand of harbor office building to all along especially, safe, estate and relevant professional service (FIRE) the industry causes apparent effect. "Contented gentleman points out in the tenement that office building of annulus first class exceeds 84 % all attributes FIRE trade, the effect that these companies suffer the crisis that believe goods is bigger, because this carries in battalion the respect needs more careful ground to control cost, its are affected in this quarter main shopping centre inducts a quantity to decrease in see one spot.

The current year the 3rd quarter, the first class office building of each area always inducts harbor island the quantity is forteen thousand six hundred and eighty-one square foot, little at going up season number one million five hundred and eighty thousand eight hundred and ninety square foot. Although harbor island inducts a quantity to drop generally, but each area drops still have a difference. Because lack face of building of first class office building to supply all the time,annulus reachs golden bell area in, drop relatively lesser, on of annulus induct a quantity to drop opposite bigger. This season has bay of gong of bay young / only - twenty-one thousand seven hundred and sixty square foot induct a quantity.

To seeking rent under in annulus / Jin Zhong and and other places of bay of gong of bay young / but qualitative element still for the company of the office building of beautiful, the ideal that pointed sanded mouth becomes these companies removes place, this area was 2008 complete port of the 3rd quarter is only the area that a quarter inducts a quantity to promote somewhat, relatively go up the 7930 square first quarter foot the forty-one thousand two hundred and ninety-five square that increases 421 % to this season foot, amplitude more 380 of the season on prep above. 3 % . The 9 dragon that complete harbor of the current year supplies at most east, also appear in the 3rd quarter complete harbor is the biggest induct a quantity, amount to two hundred and twenty-three thousand three hundred and eighty square foot, but still relatively on the two hundred and forty-one thousand one hundred and eighty-six square of season foot reduce about 7 % .