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The distinction of hotel type office building and hotel office building

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hotel type office building odd from the fractionation on literal, can divide for hotel and office building.
Hotel: Those who establish is tourist person provides a stay away from home at first feed, the need that live. What communicate as ground interval is close together, a lot of business affairs personages need different ground communication, the hotel that emphasizes a service is aimed at business affairs personage this one client group, business affairs center appears in the hotel gradually, offer for business affairs personage most business affairs establishment of the foundation and service.
Office building: Provide the room of office for the enterprise, have perfect business affairs setting, powerful business affairs function, provide simple property government service.
Although hotel and office building belong to the category that real estate differs twice, having substaintial distinction, but having delicate connection because of business affairs.
   The common feature of hotel and office building organic union
  Hotel type office building
The occurrence of hotel type office building accords with modern to handle official bussiness to be gone after with what serve quality to business affairs, have the sense that crosses a times. As we have learned, first business affairs office building of Guangzhou that is a tenet with hotel service -- Asian banking center will be recieved at near future great kindness, will deduce close, efficient, comfortable hotel type to serve new page.