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How to handle property government issue

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Will tell commonly, property management company is performing property management the following kinds of issue may produce with owner in the process:

Maintain conserve dispute. Property company has the obligation of daily maintenance to the public facilities of the village and public share, but the member that belong to owner to the building of indoor oneself damages or use a person is in charge of maintaining, upkeep costs also is to press this principle to assume. Be in usually, indoor building need maintains owner, the member that can ask property company is sent is repaired, but charge should be assumed by owner. The building that the generation of dispute often is development business pay is a few problems, and after many repair the manner when cannot solving problem or property company to offer maintenance to serve thoroughly, price to wait easy pose issue.

Property collects fees dispute. Property company has property government to the village, provide relevant service, the property administration fee with fixed collection, it is property company's corresponding right. But how much is the standard of property administration fee, often property company and the contradictory seat that owner committee produces controversy and issue. Of public utility collecting fees is what collect fee with the service closely related dweller life, price of price of guidance of seat of government of general solid administration, government, without how many controversy, but still another part collects fees is operator price, with owner committee each member is accepted to allow, because this this part property collects fees,the price often is argumentative focus.

Damages dispute. Property company and its staff member harm the person security of the belongings of owner in running a course, the mechanical equipment that owner member damages property company, damage public facilities to wait.

Tort dispute. Owner is public to the building of the village establishment enjoys property right, property company accepts the commission of owner, undertake administrative to the village, it is depositary. The use that is based on building and land, have wait for means to produce accrual to should put in owner 's charge to enjoy. The proceeds property company that is based on property to serve generation can be enjoyed.

Produced property government issue, property company and owner committee reach his corresponding member should talk things over actively, appropriate is solved. Be in especially clear contract is placed about, the right that should distinguish opposite party more is compulsory, handle affairs according to it. Do not talk things over, can apply for estate property management department to undertake intercessory, OK also resort court, seek legal approach to solve.