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Beijing estate of short duration is incorrect civilian impose property tax curti

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Wang Jiping of director of bureau of Beijing land tax was in Beijing recently " two meetings " on divulge, beijing already took the lead in submitting property tax to total bureau of national tax Wu " the idling is solid " application, be in the most quickly this year in June, beijing will leave impose property tax. The message that comes from intermediary industry makes clear, beijing the first time the 0.8%-1.4% that the property tax tax rate that make assesses value to collect property every year, collect frontal basis property actually to evaluate value every year to change.

   Go up with international have very big distinction
Property tax is called normally in the world estate tax or praedial duty, basically be annual come according to assess a value or be close to vendibility of house property levy, and the estate tax that at present our country implements is be worth levy formerly according to house property, land tax is the area according to land comes levy, there is very big distinction on this kind of practice and international. Have property tax from Beijing " idling " pilot, already had 3 years up to now.
Wang Jiping says, beijing is met wait for a way through reducing business tax, individual income tax from the revenue burden that increases property tax to be brought to taxpayer evenly on the other hand, taxpayer burden won't increase on whole.
All experts that participate in property tax policy to make the tendency a kind of viewpoint: Ask for property tax to cannot increase average taxpayer burden. From this, beijing expresses when declaring plan of property Shui Kaizheng, temporarily incorrect civilian curtilage levy.
Circumstance of house of although Beijing is already right whole town undertook several years try to find out the real intention investigation, but the cognizance of final room source still has the house very great difficulty, the case of building property right that register is not not accurate also, perfect.
   Collect to real estate of enterprise, office building
Wang Jiping says, new tax system turns after fact will wait for commercial real estate to impose property tax to industrial business, office building. Because be maintained finally of room source, it is to collect the difficult point with property the biggest tax, but compare at the residential market with complex case, enterprise or business it is a lot of easier still that the source of commercial property room that unit place uses is maintained, this also is from commerce real estate begins " small knife trying an ox " one of reasons.
It is reported, to national tax Wu except the many cities outside Beijing total bureau and Ministry of finance submitted property tax " the idling is solid " application plan. In October 2007, total bureau of national tax Wu announces property tax " idling " pilot city enlarges 10 by 6, and property tax " idling " pilot city expanded to had shown property tax 10 times " idling " pilot achievement of 3 years gets the country concerns a branch to affirm, begin to be popularized to the whole nation.