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Leave next year impose property tax

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Real estate of next year commerce leaves above all impose property tax

"Door of Ministry of finance should be in originally formal this year pilot open those who impose property tax, but did not start as a result of a variety of reasons. " hold yesterday " the force that transforms a town " Chinese landed peak is met on, feng Changchun of director of praedial research center is accepting Beijing University when our newspaper reporter is interviewed, say so. As property tax policy research makes working participator, he tells a reporter, property tax is potential next year is pilot, and most begin to collect from commercial real estate first.
Feng Changchun explanation says, because the drag in area ratio such as commercial real estate, office building is less, so property tax most leave from commercial real estate first proof. Then expands levy object the owner that has many house, progressively implementation should own house property only should pay taxes. Current, door of Ministry of finance has been been opposite how to assess tax of praedial, property the problem such as duty radical and tax rate undertakes study.
In estate domain, property tax has increase house property to retain the link cost, function that controls investment and speculation demand. Current, the whole nation already had 10 to save city to begin property tax " idling " move, caused will undertake about property tax next year inside course of study " solid turn " forecast.