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Estate policy anticipates greet rebound chance

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Recently, the standing meeting that the State Council often holds increases safeguard sex housing clearly to construct scale, reduce housing to trade tax cost, supportive dweller buys a house. The policy that is based on ceaseless aggrandizement anticipates, fund is general and inferior storehouse the judgement that the partial tigidity demand that configuration and early days accumulate may release in 4 quarters, we think short-term trade invests an opportunity to come from as before at rebounding, extent depends on whether can policy exceed anticipate appear and the expressional case of grail whole.

But those who need to remind investor to notice is: (1) policy comes on stage when the dot holds hard, whether can come on stage centrally in the center of include to reduce an uncertainty with pay the policy such as scale existence certain; (2) income of economic be issued to lower levels anticipates drop meet what reduce a dweller further buy capacity, of the industry invert to still need house price to drop will finish; (3) if include to reduce head pay the policy such as scale to did not have apparent effect inside year, to development the confidence of business and consumer will form blow again, do not eliminate house price and share price to continue to drop.

Keep grade of industry metaphase neutral. We think, governmental policy depends on the cycle of run of flowing industry, reduce short-term inside the risk that house price drops considerably, but the trend that cannot change an industry to move truly. We keep the grade of industry metaphase neutral.