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The duty field of Chinese ancient time rises duty to go regular

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Times of age the Warring States, as a result of the schism of each political power, the first time that brought about Chinese history to go up is national the talent flows greatly, "Find new job, own choose course of study " became fashion. The person should have ability only, a good job is applied for possibly in some country (its representing character is the Su Qin that has held the position of post of prime minister in feudal China in 6 different countries) , this was brought about " individual profession plans " for a time be current, and the person such as Zhang Yi, Li Si is crackajack delegate. They had established their professional program according to the development state of affairs of the current political situation, search Wang Hou everywhere " interview " opportunity, especially one that of Li Si " of the person virtuous rat of unworthy for example, handle side oneself in place! "With nowadays Yu Min Hong Na sentence famous " the hope is searched in despair " , having same encourage annals effect to not coetaneous youth.

It is worth while to have a case particularly advertent, exceptional ground is without to had worked before this batch of people are developing plan rising job " a hanger-on of an aristocrat " profession, this is entered in those days namely probably " duty field " aptitude attestation.
Although Qin Shi emperor united 6 nations, because acting time of the Qin Dynasty is opposite shorter, "Duty field " the trait that did not show a pattern, for the moment no matter, and two Chinese after period, duty field appeared " governmental action " : "Examine is lifted " and " ask for monarch " make for the mainstream, its feature depends on with respect to the preferment that is an official the individual of the respect such as moral character, knowledge, law, ability is integrated quality, ask to pass the exam that appoints school of home of teaching material aperture by the government. Two Chinese period, the country decline, it is duty field blackmarket also begins arisen, in period of the Western Han Dynasty, you can buy a county to make on blackmarket, arrived later period of the Eastern Han Dynasty, blackmarket trades exceeding prosperity, include " 3 dear " inside ritzy position withs the price clearly marked mark a price, have more very person, buy more still can enjoy gift.
Arrived the Northern and Southern Dynasties of advance of the Kingdom of Wei, duty field appeared to degrade, its carry out 9 in tasting, making, because litre of duty of the official is complete by each city county of one's previous experience of rich and powerful family of world a group of things with common features in the official is controlled, litre of duty of the official became completely " class, one's previous experience " theory, among them the place Lang Ya that two the famousest everybody a group of things with common features are Wang Xi " Wang " , with what how be a delegate in order to wither Chen Jun thanks a family name.
Have a profit right now nevertheless, it is the ground that the person that those rely on the preferment of all sorts of method get in by the back door did not have put to good use -- one's previous experience is no good cannot become a magnifico.