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On-the-job field should prevent the person hard 7 kinds of undesirable state of

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The person is on-the-job, want to share social truck necessarily, the profession of gregarious limits and everybody, hobby, lifestyle and situation have very big concern. In real life, some people are not handed in always in socialization on friend, perhaps made a friend before long, the friend leaves him again and go, mix at ordinary times the work in the same placing's relationship is not harmonious also. Investigate its reason, the undesirable mentation block up in socialization the normal evolution of human relation, namely the gregarious and clammy psychology that psychological doctor place speaks of. Commonner have the following kinds, should try hard to avoid:

1. self-abased psychology: Some people produce self-abased move easily, even him him look down upon, lack is self-confident, handle affairs without courage, be overcautious, chime in with others, without oneself definite idea. If this kind of psychology is not overcome, can wear away distinct personality of the person.
2. Timid psychology: Basically see at experience world not deep, experience is more shallow, introvert, bad the person of one's words, as a result of timid, although oneself think,be in in socialization right thing, after the course is cogitative, dare not convey however come out. Others of this kind of psychology also can observe come out, the result produces a view to oneself, do not wish to become a good friend.
3. guesses doubt psychology: Some people are in socialization or be to hold a friend in the palm to handle affairs, often love to examine the other side with mistrustful look, for no reason suspiciouses, speak or act on hearsay evidance, make carding comments, if some people hold a friend in the palm to handle affairs, what to say when asking about a friend to handle affairs to someone else again however, the result affected the relation between the friend.
4. goes against turn over psychology: Some people always love to carry a coffin on stout poles with others, in order to explain oneself do sth unconventional or unorthodox, to an any things, without giving thought to the rights and wrongs, your come to an agreement or understanding, I think bad; You say to be opposite, I say it is wrong, make people comes into being allergy to oneself.
5. burlesque psychology: Some people make friend regard as join in the fun on occasion, fickle, freakish, deal with everywhere, love boast, love says nifty, had seen one side with someone, can say with someone association has many deep. This kind of person and person association just make exterior text, do not have the friend with deep love consequently.
6. avaricious psychology: The purpose that some people think to make friend is for " use each other " , see the useful to oneself, friend that can bring profit to oneself just interacts, and often be " drop one's benefactor as soon as his help is not required " . Interest of money of this kind of covet, touch the undesirable psychology of others light, can make oneself character is damaged.