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White-collar solution presses 3 principles

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1. strengthens campaign having oxygen below the condition that the condition allows, like ran, by bicycle, swim etc, can make human body produces a series of change on physiology, rise to adjust thereby the action of the mood.
2. Bear tear not by force, and should learn to pour out. Consider to make clear, weep conduce to eliminate human body to be in excited the harmful material with the generation when insecurity. the heart medium grievance, depressive, concern and angst speak out completely, go saying, and genuinely and sincerely helps our person. If have a bone in one's throat writes it,come down. Anyhow, only confide gives those things that perplex us, we just can feel dependable.
3. On the weekend when, do not undertake the activity of a few similar works, can make you more nervous only so with exhaustion. Contrary, should build for oneself hard " blame job " circumstances, be like outing, picnic, perhaps go entering the culture of community, family or creation activity. Participate in community to serve the joy that mobile place brings and value sense, aux will be able to balances the anguish that we produce when routine quite, let us live more happily.