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Duty field high temperature expends changes in temperature to know oneself

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High temperature is resided day after day do not fall high, commute the hardship of journey, high temperature cost is much it is little truer, yearning to what go to work when the fault, the duty field of this summer much a lot of lively topics. Reporter of □ our newspaper | Huang Tao sheaths or bow case | Civil

Perfect summer of the = when SOHO is wrong

Xiaotan, 27 years old, publication editor

Of in quick succession be late to offend the president eventually with the circumstance of collective afternoon catnap angry, not bad nevertheless the person that he is a reasonable, although get angry but also can make allowances for everybody. Summer the person is easy and tired, rise not to come in the morning, afternoon catnap, actually very normal also. Be angry with its, be inferior to wanting to choose ameliorative way, then we can try to let with respect to proposal president everybody goes over a manuscript or draft in the home or go to work when the fault adjust work and rest.

Did not think of he still is accept good advices really, after giving a plum just 34 days, the colleague that agrees to let be pregnant comes home go over a manuscript or draft, come every week and report everyday plan can. And the person of our the others also can choose to come late or go early of one's own accord, in assure everyday below the circumstance of original working hours and workload, the crowded car height that escape commutes, also can take the advantage of morning and evening to suffer bit of pain cooler and less relatively.

Although this " new politics " just just executed before long, probably malpractice has not been shown, but before everybody is compared apparently now paragraph time job status a lot of. Everybody knows, although one day is in unit, if spirit is bad, working quality is not high also, that still is inferior to shortening time, improve efficiency. If can enjoy this kind of treatment continuously, high temperature day also is done not have so was fed up with.

Piece travel is difficult it is the biggest question

Emma, 28 years old, article secret

The closest weather sits everyday the bus commutes is one kind suffers simply, and the bus appears easily also anchor wait for all sorts of problems. A few days ago a morning, I take a car to go to work to see a bus anchors in roadside, just felt happy oneself did not take car of this kind of lord here, hear " creak " blare, we this car also came a slam the brakes on. It is to be warm probably, driver also attention of impatient gas impetuous is not centered, dash against of within an inch of an aunt that ride a bicycle. Driver and friend of director of place to go of fluctuation of booking clerk horse, we are forced to waiting, first-class it is about the same two minutes, good trade another vehicle not easily, had been all of a sweat, the seat also was done not have.

And if go out when should take a taxi, that can be used simply " war " will describe, often be several people are defended in a crossing, the driver also says not clear it is that hand that who saw and decelerate stops, be fooled then and go up, who doesn't let. 6 my belts are worn last week darling goes out to play, how is when coming home, the car hit do not wear, stood in roadside to wait for half hour full. The mood at that time can be used simply " acedia " will describe. Have course of an empty wagons eventually, I just wanted to holding darling in the arms to develop the past, kill on the side give a young lady, skill is more strong and vigorous than me, already opened door, sit. Not bad the driver helps me talk: "The lady that sees the family adopts a child stops me. " young lady also very grievance, say oneself also waited very long. In refuse to budge, I ask where the young lady goes to, the general orientation that the directional just in time that she says follows me is same, I suggest: "Flat, we spell a car, good? Send you first. " then us 3 people spell a car to come home together. Still be satisfactory final result.