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Female of clever duty field, clever " complain " the love that invite a person

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Wanting you only is an Office Lady, hard to avoid can contradict with other happening sometimes. Want you to had not wanted to transfer or resign only, cannot at a stand. The expert is directive OL a group of things with common features, want to undertake sensibly complaining, expressed an opinion already, stay for oneself again have whirly room.
   Do not see the person complains
The person that solves a problem to having idea only complains, it is the most important principle. Complain to the person that is without ruling authority, have a reason only, it is to abreact mood. And what this can make you get more person only is cheesed. A staff member of the most influential force that goes looking for you to may see directly, discuss calmly to it next. This plan still uses in case without giving thought to, you can increase the strength that complain, complain to the person of higher administrative levels.
   The way that complain is very important
As far as possible with laudatory speech as what complain germinant. Can reduce the animosity of the other side on one hand so, at the same time more important is, your praise had been set of the other side beforehand a standard that follow. Remember, the person that listens to you to complain perhaps thinks with you the thing that blame is not relevant, do not know a condition even why, if you can evoke the reaction of hostility of the other side, defend oneself only with respect to be furious at the beginning.
   Dominate your sentiment
If you look for boss quarrelsomely to state you are arranged to his or the practice resents, also give him probably cause fire. So although feel unjust, malcontent, grievance, also ought to make oneself calm first as far as possible come down to say again. Perhaps you already built up a lot of malcontent moods, but cannot be in right now completely ground is shaken off come out, and should ground of consider sth as it stands talks about a problem. Too the mood changes the reason that will not show you clear and lucidly, and still make the leader believes by accident, you are to him himself is not malcontent to his arrangement, such you with respect to should additional seek one's fortune.
   Notice the situation that blame
Professor Luo Binsen of the United States ever said: "The person is met sometimes very the view that naturally changes him, but if someone says he became wrong in public, he will be rusty, more bigoted, can defend oneself view even whole-heartedly. Either how the sort of view itself is precious, however his proper pride got browbeat. However his proper pride got browbeat..
When complaining, want to use informal occasion more, little use formal occasion, chat under the counter with boss and colleague as far as possible, avoid to make public advise and express dissatisfaction. Such doing can stay to oneself not only have room for manoeuvre, although put forward opinion occurrence error, also won't have him damage the figure in public mood, still be helpful for upholding the dignity of boss, unapt make others is immersed in passivity and embarrassed.