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The recipe of moneybags changes duty field person is 29 years old ago

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Arteries and veins of person of the battalion outside time + is repaired inside

Alleged, can you rely on money to make money only? Although book of the conduct financial transactions on market teachs become rich method, it is with investment the tool is agency mostly, but the method that accumulates asset not merely a kind, somebody knows be apt to to use investment tool, earn opportunity money greatly; Somebody specializes in circle of person arteries and veins, young when be willing overpay dot allowance for entertainment is become tuitional, after crouching first, jump, subsequently and of the promotion that those who come is position, pay and experience add wide, not be to be able to use pay lead what word of this class number will measure any more.

Outside battalion: Field of deep ploughing duty concerns

Go up the Li Yu that the century begins to invest at the beginning of 90 time, more ambitious than average person to the knowledge of tool of conduct financial transactions, did not use at oneself asset to plan however, "I am done not have very sedulous put money or seek investment, I think him investment is the most significant! " he says: The Li Yu investment to ego, included attend in a advanced studies and person arteries and veins two. He ever was in a ritzy recreational club of Shanghai to wait for 7 years, accomplish market chief inspector, had run the match of large and recreational motion of tens of field, had treated the world motion great soldier such as Ajiaxi, Zhang Depei.

Some clubs are the gather together place of VIPs, OK over bring into contact with is very much outstanding person. Li Yu begins from a young assistant director, have more than 1000 yuan salary only, he however be willing to part with or use entertains guests have a meal, friend of much associate with, and rather than is put rise. "Do you know? Listen to them to speak to feel to harvest solely quite abundant! " he feels this allowance for entertainment is spent too was worth. His major is market sale, the action of arteries and veins of deep ploughing person is very quick " ferment " kind diffuse, square personage is sponsorred energetically and participate in the activity that he conducts each. Do not pass 3 years, he ascends body yearly salary one million and one a group of things with common features.

What Li Yu executes is " standard of economy of person arteries and veins " : By means of knows more outstanding than oneself talented person, help career or outlook extend.

Expert of conduct financial transactions also thinks: The time that the time that invests reasonable money grows to express to invest to go up in him body more heals short, and increase oneself this " manpower capital " , if raise skill of work of record of formal schooling, ability, promotion and human concern, morer than investing the interest of earning. This proposal fits the young person that the society joins 35 years first particularly, meeting duty limit starts, the most important is to accumulate major knowledge and establish duty field relationship, with its calculate small profit of a few small as the head of a fly, be inferior to spending time cost running this line of business, the job has been behaved, be promoted raises is not far also.