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The 4 big errors that communicate with boss in duty field

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Enter the office a few years, position rises taller more, the time that chats with the boss is increasing also. It is no longer first when the introduction, saw the duty field newlywed person that the boss lowers his head, but you still hesitate: Whether should take boss horse wind, or, should mention advice to the boss? It is this All matters is reported one by one, still work to report positive result only hard? When office politics is performed, you are reveal everything of this general devotion, perhaps hit too extremely, do grass of the top of a wall?
Not be had jumped over more more with boss josh, also be not working quietly is excellent staff, communicate 4 big errors, if encounter, ask you circuitous.    Error one: Communication form is more than content Small spirit and close of A wheat condition, disposition is different, small spirit pays attention to ego to repair refine quite, pay close attention to outside view not quite, a Mai is to who see be on terms of intimacy, person communicates an expert. Which does boss like to prefer? A Mai! Yes, he is more welcome, because he pays attention to the view of others quite, want to keep good person predestined relationship to who, to oneself boss, be sure to make him comfortable more iron stick, contrast rises, this kind of speak bluntly does not have small spirit avoid, the person of persist one's old ways, take the lead in fall into disuse. So get half an year too, does A wheat rise job? Without! He by same a boss discharge, reason is salary not be to pay to who the person of obsequious, he suits to go probably service industry develops. Stick person: Boss is the person that has prime increase concern with you, so you must make balance more when communicate. In fact, the fast individualist of the applepolish of going too far as bad as not going far enough and graph talking around, the boss does not like, clever controller values most those who communicate is: The effect! He likes your boast very much he is athletic ace, but it hope to listen to you to report the case of the place of a few fitness around more is again clear to hope to listen to you to report the case of the place of a few fitnesses around report the case of the place of a few fitnesses around more a bit more comprehensive, this, the feeling does not have decision effect. The goal that you and boss communicate, be to solve a problem, is not please yourself, or he, so, the form that does not let you communicate forever is more than content.    Error 2: Take word to the boss A MAY arrives hillock a year, in ear already fill became full the boss' claver, her boss is senior inspector general, next administer tens of branch, the style of with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning draws on the censure of everybody very easily, a MAY wants to reflect these conditions to the boss very much, also persuade her to be on administrative pattern a little a bit downier, be afraid of again as administrative assistant insufficient weight, by the Lilliputian that she misunderstands Cheng Aichuan to talk casually about. So should she say? Should say! Yes, as subordinate, be necessary completely responsible also the opinion that offers specific aim to his boss, this also leads an expectation actually, prescient talent has development outlook, too be content with the current situation, because fear,perhaps dare not say, often be busy mediocre person. The neutral that then A MAY made an appointment to work afternoon, talked about oneself view with boss, the boss that drinks coffee to read a report at the same time at the same time is absent-minded first, then pursy brows... say finally: Good, you can go out, I also give you an advice: The office is not the place of dispersed scandal. Stick person: Need very great courage into character to the boss, need proper skill more. The disposition that has known her is hale model, do not suit ground of do official business according to official principle to say with her you do something incorrectly, someone backside is malcontent to you. In fact you put forward an afternoon tea to invite, meeting the drive that can relax her more, convenient enter expostulate with. Sincere advice always is be unpleasant to hear, want to choose atmosphere of environment of good time place, ability raises the possibility of communication success.